The Idea To Rank Higher On Google

Blogging is a fun thing to do if you know what to post, how to blog, from where to find content.In the start when you have not even started blogging you are thinking oh yes i can blog , i see other people making post like a horse, they are ranking higher, does not matter whatever i type that same ideal website related to that niche every time comes top on my search results, wait a minute Google often shows website which you have already visited , websites one post could be ranking higher due to many reasons could be due to backlinks, could have that post gone viral.Anything is possible ranking higher is based on many factors, pagerank is still important which tell this website is something important, if a website is of page rank zero and other website page rank is 2 or above , website with more pagerank will rank higher because it is getting the link juice.Besides building backlinks and other things ranking is based on many factors as i already said.

How To Rank Higher On Google

Today i will be sharing how often you should blog and what is the reason behind it, why cant i make a post whenever i want.The reason why you should choose frequency for your website is simple , if you are single author on blog and you are making post daily and still not getting any impression or click on Google, it could be due to you have less backlinks page rank is low, but there are many people who have claimed i did not build any backlinks and i had lot of visitors,  thats completely opposite to what i have been believing, yes thats right but if we look it from Google side its quite possible, Google believes in natural link building, and if you are not getting natural links you are not going to rank higher.Just to tell you i don’t really understand Google myself, i was just searching for a keyword (seo) this morning and i saw a new website ranking on Google first page, as i am often searching these things and i am a website guy so really interested in what website is worth what is its pagerank.And the thing shocked me was website pagerank was 7 and it was one month old.That much pagerank is a sure thing to do get you on page one.So whats that google said natural link building and page rank 7 in one month how did they gamed the system of Google.That is not much hard to tell that website is offering seo services must have known how to build natural link , could be a huge team, could be a millionaire behind it and he/she could have been running a  huge campaign of advertisement, which ultimately create backlinks.But keyword ranking from advertisement ?

Ok guys enough chit chat on another people works lets get to point how often you should blog.

From my experience in the start of blogging life, i had no post frequency i made one post in the morning ,one little post of something like (how to hide files in windows 7) posted after one hour or something.Its quite possible my website had less links so i was getting no impressions, by means of frequency i mean proper and fast indexing of a webpage.There are sometimes which i faced when Google did not  indexed my page for some days and then indexed my page in an hour.You ever care about time, there is a bus which comes at some time, and you notice the time and follow it.And get on bus with success.You should try the same thing with Google, meaning make a frequency of post at the same time, the recommended time which majority of people believes in is after 12:00 to 12:10 of night.I have tried these timing myself and i have to say these timings can do wonders.

Other thing to get indexed faster and rank higher

  1. Create sitemap
  2. Submit articles to social media, twitter , facebook and other.
  3. Use Pingomatic.
  4. Create backlinks
  5. Learn seo

And do watch this video of Matt cutts from Google team.


How do you get a Blog

Before we get blog lets understand what is blog and how blog works,one the most searched terms in Google is what is blog and how it works.

What is blog

Blog is a website on which information is shared it could be related to personal adventures,personal opinions,info tech or related to any info.Blog is used for having personal online presence,most people use it for business,sales online ,the reason why blog is loved by people is that it is very easy to use ,no need for html or php coding required by users.

How blog works

Blog  works like CMS(content management system).No website coding is required by individuals for running blog.Its automatic just keep on adding content,new content appears on first page of website page.New content keeps the blog running , blog users enjoy new posts related to their interest ,and it has better chance of getting more traffic from search engines like Google,Yahoo and Bing.

Lets get blog

There are many types of blog out there some are free of cost , and some requires payment.

Top two types of blogs which are free and frequently used from all over the world

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger

Here i will explains these two blogging platforms ,other blog platforms works mostly same as these two blog platforms.

There are two ways you can have your own blog through these two blogging platforms.

Signup with your email address on any one or both of these platforms.

Create blog on


First lets create a blog on blogger. Create a Google email account and visit and enter your email account and password.After confirming your Google+ profile you will be taken to a page where on top left site of page you will see an option of New Blog,Click on new blog and enter the Title which you want to have for your blog and then enter the adress of the blog for example i want to have mblogtricks so on blogspot i will get reason is it creates subdomain ,mblogtricks is a subdomain and blogspot is a real name of the domain.And after that select the template which you want to have for our blog.Then you will see a small screen saying start posting.That is how we create blog on blogger.

Create blog on

Lets make blog on WordPress.There are two types of  Wordpress websites out there and you want to have blog hosted on your server you paid for ,visit but we will use for having free blog on free server.Visit and click on Start Here,then type your blog adress and then type blog adress and fill the rest of the form and choose the package free package ,Click on create blog for free blog or if you want to have your domain of choice select Upgrade,and start posting.

Thanks for reading the post,this is my first post on this blog,i hope you like my new blog and post.My name is Daniyal Adrees I will be making new easy and great posts , if you  like my post and website share my posts on networks it will make my website famous which makes good impact for website rank.

How to backup your blog

Backup your blog

Creating backup of your blog is very essential as blogs are mostly run by individuals, individuals do care about security of there blog ,but sometime they do something that there blog becomes unrecoverable some very nasty errors ruins there blog.To fix this problem its better if you create backup of your blog even if your blog is totally hacked by hacker, you will still have a safe copy of your blog ,which you can later upload and remove old website files which were hacked.

There are may ways you can backup your blog

1-If you are trying to create backup of your blogs like wordpress its way easy, just use plugins like

Backup wordpress

This Backup wordpress plugin will make your day , you can use this plugin to create backup of your blog manually or choose the settings backup site automatically or not at all.Choose frequency on which day backup should be created ,this plugin also enables backup to be sent to your email address and you can download any backup yourself.

2-Use ftp and download your whole website.

3-Use control panel option of your domain and create backup of your whole domain and download it from there.