The Idea To Rank Higher On Google

Blogging is a fun thing to do if you know what to post, how to blog, from where to find content.In the start when you have not even started blogging you are thinking oh yes i can blog , i see other people making post like a horse, they are ranking higher, does not matter whatever i type that same ideal website related to that niche every time comes top on my search results, wait a minute Google often shows website which you have already visited , websites one post could be ranking higher due to many reasons could be due to backlinks, could have that post gone viral.Anything is possible ranking higher is based on many factors, pagerank is still important which tell this website is something important, if a website is of page rank zero and other website page rank is 2 or above , website with more pagerank will rank higher because it is getting the link juice.Besides building backlinks and other things ranking is based on many factors as i already said.

How To Rank Higher On Google

Today i will be sharing how often you should blog and what is the reason behind it, why cant i make a post whenever i want.The reason why you should choose frequency for your website is simple , if you are single author on blog and you are making post daily and still not getting any impression or click on Google, it could be due to you have less backlinks page rank is low, but there are many people who have claimed i did not build any backlinks and i had lot of visitors,  thats completely opposite to what i have been believing, yes thats right but if we look it from Google side its quite possible, Google believes in natural link building, and if you are not getting natural links you are not going to rank higher.Just to tell you i don’t really understand Google myself, i was just searching for a keyword (seo) this morning and i saw a new website ranking on Google first page, as i am often searching these things and i am a website guy so really interested in what website is worth what is its pagerank.And the thing shocked me was website pagerank was 7 and it was one month old.That much pagerank is a sure thing to do get you on page one.So whats that google said natural link building and page rank 7 in one month how did they gamed the system of Google.That is not much hard to tell that website is offering seo services must have known how to build natural link , could be a huge team, could be a millionaire behind it and he/she could have been running a  huge campaign of advertisement, which ultimately create backlinks.But keyword ranking from advertisement ?

Ok guys enough chit chat on another people works lets get to point how often you should blog.

From my experience in the start of blogging life, i had no post frequency i made one post in the morning ,one little post of something like (how to hide files in windows 7) posted after one hour or something.Its quite possible my website had less links so i was getting no impressions, by means of frequency i mean proper and fast indexing of a webpage.There are sometimes which i faced when Google did not  indexed my page for some days and then indexed my page in an hour.You ever care about time, there is a bus which comes at some time, and you notice the time and follow it.And get on bus with success.You should try the same thing with Google, meaning make a frequency of post at the same time, the recommended time which majority of people believes in is after 12:00 to 12:10 of night.I have tried these timing myself and i have to say these timings can do wonders.

Other thing to get indexed faster and rank higher

  1. Create sitemap
  2. Submit articles to social media, twitter , facebook and other.
  3. Use Pingomatic.
  4. Create backlinks
  5. Learn seo

And do watch this video of Matt cutts from Google team.


How do you get a Blog

Before we get blog lets understand what is blog and how blog works,one the most searched terms in Google is what is blog and how it works.

What is blog

Blog is a website on which information is shared it could be related to personal adventures,personal opinions,info tech or related to any info.Blog is used for having personal online presence,most people use it for business,sales online ,the reason why blog is loved by people is that it is very easy to use ,no need for html or php coding required by users.

How blog works

Blog  works like CMS(content management system).No website coding is required by individuals for running blog.Its automatic just keep on adding content,new content appears on first page of website page.New content keeps the blog running , blog users enjoy new posts related to their interest ,and it has better chance of getting more traffic from search engines like Google,Yahoo and Bing.

Lets get blog

There are many types of blog out there some are free of cost , and some requires payment.

Top two types of blogs which are free and frequently used from all over the world

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger

Here i will explains these two blogging platforms ,other blog platforms works mostly same as these two blog platforms.

There are two ways you can have your own blog through these two blogging platforms.

Signup with your email address on any one or both of these platforms.

Create blog on


First lets create a blog on blogger. Create a Google email account and visit and enter your email account and password.After confirming your Google+ profile you will be taken to a page where on top left site of page you will see an option of New Blog,Click on new blog and enter the Title which you want to have for your blog and then enter the adress of the blog for example i want to have mblogtricks so on blogspot i will get reason is it creates subdomain ,mblogtricks is a subdomain and blogspot is a real name of the domain.And after that select the template which you want to have for our blog.Then you will see a small screen saying start posting.That is how we create blog on blogger.

Create blog on

Lets make blog on WordPress.There are two types of  Wordpress websites out there and you want to have blog hosted on your server you paid for ,visit but we will use for having free blog on free server.Visit and click on Start Here,then type your blog adress and then type blog adress and fill the rest of the form and choose the package free package ,Click on create blog for free blog or if you want to have your domain of choice select Upgrade,and start posting.

Thanks for reading the post,this is my first post on this blog,i hope you like my new blog and post.My name is Daniyal Adrees I will be making new easy and great posts , if you  like my post and website share my posts on networks it will make my website famous which makes good impact for website rank.

How To Write Post While Enjoying Blogging

Writing a post is hard thing to do , i have been blogging for a while, still sometimes get discouraged while writing post , so what i do to keep my self going.First thing i do is wake up in the morning and then well what ?

Most of time you will have to prepare yourself with the tasks you will face, determination is the key to success in blogging , learn by mistakes every information you need is available on Internet find the solution try it, does not work out try another one. Following are the blogging tips which i have learned in quite a while.

Don’t think about Blogging every time

Exactly to much Facebook is also UN-healthy and so does excessive blogging, every time thinking about what i am going to write about is a bad idea, yes i had thought about what i am going to write , the solution i found was think of one keyword and write something about it, do some research a little maybe, and then read more about it and find something suitable for my niche and just write about it , it does not really have to be unique or something you can write your own opinion and get done with it.

Blogging is fun only if you are getting results , first days are the most hard days for newbies who just came with not much guidance, expecting big results soon is hard , site is not even indexed and some do expect to see some people on their blog with organic way that is.

When writing post

This has lot to do with the first step about doing research so research what you want to write about, and when you have made your mind ready , go to dashboard and click on add new post, yes this encourages me and then my mind just starts running and i start writing, all of the research i personally do is on the main menu.If i keep thinking and start preparing what i want to write about all in my mind ? it does not work i tried it its a really bad idea, most of the thing i forget and they are consumed by mind.
The problem is simple, distraction is the key to failure watching other bloggers success is waste of time in a sense if you don’t want to be like them, so when you write ,do it as best as you can.

What to think

When you write the post do you think about how to write post mostly related to quality and seo stuff , both are piece of cake but the research is necessary for both of them, after that you can have fun while writing about what you want to write about.



Take break

Preferring quantity over quality is not good idea you don’t want to get hit by Google Panda , but you also don’t want to burn yourself writing good content, so its better to take break refresh yourself, then come back to work no one is going to run away if you publish a post little later.

Your aim

Think about why you started blogging , the reason behind it could be money , fame, personal or any other reason , the thing with aim is its better then listening music , aim can help you much more to keep doing blogging.

The results

Lastly think about what could you possibly achieve success will kiss your feets if you are determined , and to do this you have to work hard, the determination and good results are the only things that can keep you happy in blogging , so follow every rule don’t give up.

How To Become A Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger Tips 

When a person starts his blog ,the fisrt and most important thing for him/her is to make a first post ,post could be based on nice info or  just a post which says hello.And when a person publishes his first post ,hes excited and under little pressure also ,its his first post and hes not sure what the results will be ,this mostly happens with amateur blogger ,but the pro blogger knows what hes doin ,so the best thing before a blog is started ,person should make these points ideal for his/her blog like pro.

1-Before you start a blog take one to two months to decide what are you gonna post.?

Yes this is very good thing to do ,I also spent lot of time what am I gonna do ,you dont have to always buy a domain of how to do things ,world is huge ,includes different functions and system ,if your are not good at how to blog ,may be you are good at photographing and can also post lots of nice post about new gadgets.If you find how to blog difficult to run ,run a blog which is based on giving news of local and international happenings or new gadgets.Choose what you want to do and keep posting about it.

2-People need content they dont care about you?

Yes this is also very true ,and is funny also though I have seen this thing happening on many blogs ,a guy makes a post which sounds very familiar tone to subscriber and then subscriber make a comment like thats it you are only running this blog to earn money I am going,so whose fault is this a bad user or a guy that is running the show and don’t know what to show? .Well its obvious ,the guy running the show ,and its also possible user could have made a mistake about this blogger.Yes its also possible mostly it happens a blogger post same thing twice a year? but he do post new content on majority of days.To avoid this create good content

3-Show them you are strong?

Yes but dont go to far dont be arrogant make nice comments ,agree with what user has to say if possible.

4-Thinking while making post what should I post next in my content?

There you go you are just like me,I also think while making content ,try to bring new thing in content what you never heard or saw in any other blog, if you cant do that try changing post of someone else and present in a new way.

5-Do you know SEO is tough?

The baddest thing that can happen to blogger is when he stops blogging this happens when he/she gives up this blogging thing ,the reason is simple no visitor no post ,no customer no sale so why keep shop open for what.To view Google analytics every hour and found nothing?.No visitor means blogger is done finished.So its best to know all about seo tutorials

And lastly end the post bye saying good night?NO that not right thing to say just tell them little about yourself or tell them what are my intention what I am going to post next.


Guest posting tips by Google and Me

Guest posting can do impressive wonders , only if you do it right.That said what are you doing are you copying or spinning content , do you think that would help anybody.

People have claimed to receive thousands of thousands visitors through guest blogging that is so true and its easy traffic for your website , you just have to be sincere.

If you are really spinning article or giving thin content which is disliked by Google, then you should quit guest blogging, nor thin content is liked by owner of website whom you submitted post or Google.

If you are having trouble finding guest posts i really recommend this website which is run by ladies

Guest posting according to Google

Google mostly cares about quality, whether its about content or back-links, so if you are accepting guest posts make sure its not thin content or spin content , it will not benefit either the blogger who submitted post to you or your blog , infect it will hurt your blog and rankings.

Guest posting first step

When you start your Blog , don’t just start guest posting for that blog, instead add some content so that when some visitors come from other website , at least they would have something to read, i cannot really say what should be the quantity of posts a blog or website should have, beacuse that depends upon a website design , some may show 5 posts or more, but really what you should do is have that much posts to show which can tell visitors blog is filled with content.

Choosing the right blog for guest posting

As a new blogger some bloggers make mistake about making a guest post anywhere, which is time waste, if you are choosing a blog which is successful and has active returning and more visitors per day then you are doing good.There are some websites or blog whose Alexa ranking may be high but they might not have returning visitors even if they are making posts, that is because they might have run advertising campaign for once that must have improved their ranking so a blogger thinks it must be good for guest posting eventually its not and you know why.

So to save time you should find the blog whose founder or author are making guest posts by themselves.That way you can know visitors are coming.

And also first subscribe to the feed of blog whom you have desire to do guest posting, and check whether the new guest posts come in your email box through feed, if they don’t then you should look for other blog , most people like to read posts in their email.

Before preparing content

First ask the blogger if he wants to have the guest post whom you think you might like, most pro bloggers are been through posts and ideas which you might be thinking is new and good.If failed to do this and start working on post and then asking do you want this post, your work might get rejected, never ask them first they will feel article must have been spun.

When preparing content

You should prepare content on your own blog so even if it gets rejected you can just publish the post and relax or if not so then look for any other blog.Make sure to write best content as possible , don’t write for the people of the day infect write for the people that will come through search engines.Not much people come to one blog everyday they might miss your guest post so you know what i mean, and make sure to do some SEO here and there.

Submitting content

Most bloggers accept guest posts through email address, copy the whole content from you edit post if you have prepared it in your blog, or type all in Wordpad or any other format.

When all done

If your guest post gets published make sure to have comment activity going on if someone makes a comment do reply to him, that will increase more chance for people to click on your blog link , and don’t forget you are representing yourself.