How To Become A Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger Tips 

When a person starts his blog ,the fisrt and most important thing for him/her is to make a first post ,post could be based on nice info or  just a post which says hello.And when a person publishes his first post ,hes excited and under little pressure also ,its his first post and hes not sure what the results will be ,this mostly happens with amateur blogger ,but the pro blogger knows what hes doin ,so the best thing before a blog is started ,person should make these points ideal for his/her blog like pro.

1-Before you start a blog take one to two months to decide what are you gonna post.?

Yes this is very good thing to do ,I also spent lot of time what am I gonna do ,you dont have to always buy a domain of how to do things ,world is huge ,includes different functions and system ,if your are not good at how to blog ,may be you are good at photographing and can also post lots of nice post about new gadgets.If you find how to blog difficult to run ,run a blog which is based on giving news of local and international happenings or new gadgets.Choose what you want to do and keep posting about it.

2-People need content they dont care about you?

Yes this is also very true ,and is funny also though I have seen this thing happening on many blogs ,a guy makes a post which sounds very familiar tone to subscriber and then subscriber make a comment like thats it you are only running this blog to earn money I am going,so whose fault is this a bad user or a guy that is running the show and don’t know what to show? .Well its obvious ,the guy running the show ,and its also possible user could have made a mistake about this blogger.Yes its also possible mostly it happens a blogger post same thing twice a year? but he do post new content on majority of days.To avoid this create good content

3-Show them you are strong?

Yes but dont go to far dont be arrogant make nice comments ,agree with what user has to say if possible.

4-Thinking while making post what should I post next in my content?

There you go you are just like me,I also think while making content ,try to bring new thing in content what you never heard or saw in any other blog, if you cant do that try changing post of someone else and present in a new way.

5-Do you know SEO is tough?

The baddest thing that can happen to blogger is when he stops blogging this happens when he/she gives up this blogging thing ,the reason is simple no visitor no post ,no customer no sale so why keep shop open for what.To view Google analytics every hour and found nothing?.No visitor means blogger is done finished.So its best to know all about seo tutorials

And lastly end the post bye saying good night?NO that not right thing to say just tell them little about yourself or tell them what are my intention what I am going to post next.


Guest posting tips by Google and Me

Guest posting can do impressive wonders , only if you do it right.That said what are you doing are you copying or spinning content , do you think that would help anybody.

People have claimed to receive thousands of thousands visitors through guest blogging that is so true and its easy traffic for your website , you just have to be sincere.

If you are really spinning article or giving thin content which is disliked by Google, then you should quit guest blogging, nor thin content is liked by owner of website whom you submitted post or Google.

If you are having trouble finding guest posts i really recommend this website which is run by ladies

Guest posting according to Google

Google mostly cares about quality, whether its about content or back-links, so if you are accepting guest posts make sure its not thin content or spin content , it will not benefit either the blogger who submitted post to you or your blog , infect it will hurt your blog and rankings.

Guest posting first step

When you start your Blog , don’t just start guest posting for that blog, instead add some content so that when some visitors come from other website , at least they would have something to read, i cannot really say what should be the quantity of posts a blog or website should have, beacuse that depends upon a website design , some may show 5 posts or more, but really what you should do is have that much posts to show which can tell visitors blog is filled with content.

Choosing the right blog for guest posting

As a new blogger some bloggers make mistake about making a guest post anywhere, which is time waste, if you are choosing a blog which is successful and has active returning and more visitors per day then you are doing good.There are some websites or blog whose Alexa ranking may be high but they might not have returning visitors even if they are making posts, that is because they might have run advertising campaign for once that must have improved their ranking so a blogger thinks it must be good for guest posting eventually its not and you know why.

So to save time you should find the blog whose founder or author are making guest posts by themselves.That way you can know visitors are coming.

And also first subscribe to the feed of blog whom you have desire to do guest posting, and check whether the new guest posts come in your email box through feed, if they don’t then you should look for other blog , most people like to read posts in their email.

Before preparing content

First ask the blogger if he wants to have the guest post whom you think you might like, most pro bloggers are been through posts and ideas which you might be thinking is new and good.If failed to do this and start working on post and then asking do you want this post, your work might get rejected, never ask them first they will feel article must have been spun.

When preparing content

You should prepare content on your own blog so even if it gets rejected you can just publish the post and relax or if not so then look for any other blog.Make sure to write best content as possible , don’t write for the people of the day infect write for the people that will come through search engines.Not much people come to one blog everyday they might miss your guest post so you know what i mean, and make sure to do some SEO here and there.

Submitting content

Most bloggers accept guest posts through email address, copy the whole content from you edit post if you have prepared it in your blog, or type all in Wordpad or any other format.

When all done

If your guest post gets published make sure to have comment activity going on if someone makes a comment do reply to him, that will increase more chance for people to click on your blog link , and don’t forget you are representing yourself.

5 blogging tips that rocks

When I started blogging , I had really hard time writing a content good enough according to the standards of today, meaning long enough giving people something to read, Google and Seo friendly , attractive to people making good headlines that sells etc.All these problems now are solved or i think they are getting solved.To do a better blogging new bloggers must know these 5 blogging tips that can help them become a good and successfull blogger.

1-Fear of Posting or Guest Posting

When i started blogging i don’t think i had any fear what people would think about what a crappy or whatever post I made, I had a believe in myself , knew what was needed to be done my post was little but worth it, then due to permalink error of wordpress I had to move from windows server to linux server, now I always choose linux server, sorry about the advertising its just that linux is very good for wordpress.Coming to the point I had no fear ,its you and just you.Its a known fact almost first time work which a person performs he is not much good at it, the reason is humans have to learn almost everything ,we are not animals right who just start walking right after birth.So last words its you and your blog, if you are not good at writing long post you will get better, it took me 3-4 months of experience.

2-Time frequency of posting

According to my experience i really don’t think time frequency of post matters, I used to believe in it timing frequency is very important this thing can do wonder, may be it can but I am really not into frequency, the fact is I think people believe page gets indexed faster or something or at least it was me who used to believe that, but now I can get my page indexed in half hour at any time, sweet.

3-Google Adsense for blog monetize or else.

Ok if you are asking what is the best method to earn money through blogging what I recommend is to run your own ad there are many plugins out there that can be used to run ads for advertisers yourself , google wont cut the share, more money for you good for you.Secondly google shows ads like facebook and other people are already on these services do you expect people to click on ad of facebook?

4-Best and easy mind free backlink building

Creating back-links is a real pain as it takes lots of times, and then you stumble upon a website directories which fools you to sign-up and then asks for money that is complete waste of time and you also handed your email address to them for nothing,  they might put them in email-list and sell it to someone.If you are an seo guy you will have to submit your website to directories that is the rule links are very important.Secondly whenever you visit a blog or website which has the option for comment don’t forget to add your website, almost all of the blogs have no-follow option to links but its still a link.

5-Full use of social media

Yes yes socail media alternative of google to bring visitors to your blog.I make this simple keep submitting your articles to social media no matter what.If you are on twiiter use #tag example (#google) at every tweet.If you are on facebook you should read my this awesome post.

And lastly how i submit my articles in 60/2 minute, to fifteen or more social media websites for this read this articles cheers.

Submit articles to social media websites


Black hat search engine opt why bloggers should avoid

When bloggers start blogging they are excited to achieve something from blog, could be the money which ultimately everyone wants to have ,nothing new in that could be their dream to achieve fame in blogging, all these are good things and they soon learn seo is very essentials to rank higher in search engines.That said they start working on seo techniques which gives them hard time, doing seo-onpage-optimization can easily be done but the place where they take hit and get tired is off-page-optimization, so they look for softwares e.g create back-links with black hat seo softwares, social domination etc.

How black hat seo really works

As i said earlier people use softwares which are disliked by Google.Unethical methods etc are also unfavored.Most softwares are quick to be recognize by Google as spam and then your website will get penalty for that.There are manyblackhat tools some of them can be used by white hat.But its best to stay away from them and follow natural method.Spam includes making thousand of comments with anchor text which are linking back to your website this is seriously destructive, most people have received email from Google telling them about we have find this much anchor text linking back to your website so ultimately you wasted your time and got penalty also.I have used those softwares and i have to tell you they are of no good use.

  • The truth is Google is the one who owned you and you should follow its guidance do exactly what they are saying e.g build quality backlinks, avoid blackhat.They said quality backlinks and what most people do is they only build links on websites with pagerank 0.This is the worst possible think you can do to your backlink campaign.Here is the best practice for Professional-Link-Building by seomoz.This is a very good practice which everyone should follow it.

What you might not know

Content guidelines

Content is king king.Everyone knows, this is also targeted by blackhat users.E.g content scrappers who copy your content just like that and post on their website just like that, to fight back with them here is what you should do

And ultimately don’t do content scrapping yourself.Some people do find content writing a real pain, but if that is the problem with you stop blogging please.

Article spinning is the another form of copying content and making it yours.This is still a black hat seo method which of-course Google is against it.Google might not be today be able to find out if its spin

Comment spam on your website

Comment is the thing everyone will do whether a white hat or black-hat, this is the thing which you wont even know and it will be hurting your seo.Game is all about link.Bloggers do want to see comment activites on their blog so they use plugins like commentluv e.t.c , the point is to not keep bad website link e.g porn.With which your website connects you and they become part of each other.So be careful what comes and goes.To do this use plugin ultimate nofollow this will not pass link juice from your website and you can also have comment activityues.Now we dont have time to check every website what this is about?

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>

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How to backup your blog

Backup your blog

Creating backup of your blog is very essential as blogs are mostly run by individuals, individuals do care about security of there blog ,but sometime they do something that there blog becomes unrecoverable some very nasty errors ruins there blog.To fix this problem its better if you create backup of your blog even if your blog is totally hacked by hacker, you will still have a safe copy of your blog ,which you can later upload and remove old website files which were hacked.

There are may ways you can backup your blog

1-If you are trying to create backup of your blogs like wordpress its way easy, just use plugins like

Backup wordpress

This Backup wordpress plugin will make your day , you can use this plugin to create backup of your blog manually or choose the settings backup site automatically or not at all.Choose frequency on which day backup should be created ,this plugin also enables backup to be sent to your email address and you can download any backup yourself.

2-Use ftp and download your whole website.

3-Use control panel option of your domain and create backup of your whole domain and download it from there.