5 blogging tips that rocks

When I started blogging , I had really hard time writing a content good enough according to the standards of today, meaning long enough giving people something to read, Google and Seo friendly , attractive to people making good headlines that sells etc.All these problems now are solved or i think they are getting solved.To do a better blogging new bloggers must know these 5 blogging tips that can help them become a good and successfull blogger.

1-Fear of Posting or Guest Posting

When i started blogging i don’t think i had any fear what people would think about what a crappy or whatever post I made, I had a believe in myself , knew what was needed to be done my post was little but worth it, then due to permalink error of wordpress I had to move from windows server to linux server, now I always choose linux server, sorry about the advertising its just that linux is very good for wordpress.Coming to the point I had no fear ,its you and just you.Its a known fact almost first time work which a person performs he is not much good at it, the reason is humans have to learn almost everything ,we are not animals right who just start walking right after birth.So last words its you and your blog, if you are not good at writing long post you will get better, it took me 3-4 months of experience.

2-Time frequency of posting

According to my experience i really don’t think time frequency of post matters, I used to believe in it timing frequency is very important this thing can do wonder, may be it can but I am really not into frequency, the fact is I think people believe page gets indexed faster or something or at least it was me who used to believe that, but now I can get my page indexed in half hour at any time, sweet.

3-Google Adsense for blog monetize or else.

Ok if you are asking what is the best method to earn money through blogging what I recommend is to run your own ad there are many plugins out there that can be used to run ads for advertisers yourself , google wont cut the share, more money for you good for you.Secondly google shows ads like facebook and other people are already on these services do you expect people to click on ad of facebook?

4-Best and easy mind free backlink building

Creating back-links is a real pain as it takes lots of times, and then you stumble upon a website directories which fools you to sign-up and then asks for money that is complete waste of time and you also handed your email address to them for nothing,  they might put them in email-list and sell it to someone.If you are an seo guy you will have to submit your website to directories that is the rule links are very important.Secondly whenever you visit a blog or website which has the option for comment don’t forget to add your website, almost all of the blogs have no-follow option to links but its still a link.

5-Full use of social media

Yes yes socail media alternative of google to bring visitors to your blog.I make this simple keep submitting your articles to social media no matter what.If you are on twiiter use #tag example (#google) at every tweet.If you are on facebook you should read my this awesome post.

And lastly how i submit my articles in 60/2 minute, to fifteen or more social media websites for this read this articles cheers.

Submit articles to social media websites